With creativity we prepare:decorated fruits full with ice cream, personalized hand painted cakes, ice cream and soft ice cream cakes, italian traditional "spumoni", "moretti" and water-ice flavored with wines, sparkling wines and beer.

Ice-cream flavours according to the season:

Fresh almond, fresh pistacchio, wood strawberry, melon, water-melon, pineapple, fig, sycamore fig, peach, apricot, mulberry, banana, red orange, wood fruit, citron, lemon, tropical fruit(papaya, mango, fresh date), pink grape-fruit and rasberry.

Roast chestnut, persimmon, medlar, mandarin, gooseberry and a lot of other classic flavours made with genuine ingredients.


Ice cream and health problems

Making our ice-cream we take care of some health problems:

Celiac disease: gluten allergy.
Gluten is present in cornets, thin biscuits and unifinished products. After testing our free-gluten ice cream, the italian Association of Celiac Disease has certified that t is suitable for this alimentary allergy. We strictly serve our ice cream in free-gluten cornets.

Diabets: an illness in wich someone has too much sugar in their blood.
We make ice-cream containing less sweet and natural ingredients.

Too much cholesterol in the blood.
Our free-fat ice-cream is made using soya milk, rice milk and natural ingredients.

Our "in sight" workshop guarantees quality and pubblic health.

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