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Ice -cream parlour "Arte Fredda" is placed in the old center of Alberobello capital of trulli, with the highest concentration of trulli, old houses made of stones, tipycal of this area of Apulia. Alberobello has been recognized heritage of Unesco.

Arte fredda il located in one of the oldest part of the town, called "Largo Martellotta".

"Monti" District
It rises on the sud of the town.
It has 1.030 trulli, tha can receive 3.000 inhabitanti.

Monte Nero street and Monte Pasubio street,where we can find the oldest trulli like Trullo Siamese, and Monte S. Michele street represent the best places of the town for animation.



Gelateria Arte Fredda di Maria Caterina Di Pietro_Largo Martellotta, 47_Alberobello_BA_tel 080/4324234